Somalia presidents arrives in Mahas town on troop visit


MAHAS [SMN] – Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, the president of Somalia arrived in Mahas district of the Hiraan region on Saturday on the first leg of his frontline visit.


The President’s delegation was welcomed there by the Vice President of Hirshabelle Yusuf Dabaged, the Governor of Hiraan Region Ali Jeyte, regional officials, army officers, and local people.

President Hassan Sheikh lauded the local people for showing courage and solidarity in the fight against Al-Shabaab and reiterated the government’s support to win the war.

“As long as I am the President, the government of Somalia is determined to eradicate Al-Shabaab from the country,” said the Somali president, speaking to Mahad residents.

He added that the government will retake Elbur, Haradere, Aden Yabal, and other areas in southern and central regions of Somalia from Al-Shabaab after 15 years of rule.

The president also promised that the government of Somalia will deliver basic services to the areas that have been freed from Al-Shabaab.


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