Somalia seizes key town from Al-Shabaab


MOGADISHU (SMN) –  Somali defence minister Abdulkadir Mohamed Nur confirmed that SNA along with allied local clan militia seized control of the coastal town of Harerdhere in Mudug region from Al-Shabaab.


The takeover came with no resistance after Al-Shabaab pulled out from the town prior to the army’s advances.

It is yet another blow to Al-Shabaab as Harerdhere was the financial and staging hub for the group over the past 15 years.

Local residents reported no fighting as troops moved in on Monday morning. Al-Shabaab retreated to nearby areas in the  central region which sees heavy military operations.

Early today, the troops took over Gal’ad near Harerdhere without fighting.

US military provides air assistance to SNA by carrying out drone strikes  hitting Al-Shabaab bases to weaken the power of the militants.

Somalia has been facing Al-Shabaab insurgency for almost one and half decade that derailed the progress and State building process.


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