Somalia’s Auditor General releases 2021 audit report


MOGADISHU – The Auditor General of the Government of Somalia has today issued an annual report on the transparency and financial accountability of government agencies.


In this report based on the last year 2021, Mohamed Ali Afgoye, the Auditor General said that some of the government agencies whose names are mentioned in the report have implemented projects that cost millions of dollars but as required.

He stated that a loan agreement worth $96 million was taken from the IMF and the country’s central bank, but the loan was not confirmed. The auditor said that this loan was not approved by the parliament, and the AG office had not been informed.

Also, the $16 million given to the Banadir regional government, the chamber of commerce, and the development bank, the auditor said, did not go through the process of the country’s financial law.

The national auditor accused government agencies of not having an annual national sales plan.

He said that there are funds deposited in accounts outside the government’s central bank and donations received from abroad that are not included in the government’s budget.

He said that more than one million funds given to the Ministry of Health to carry out the activities of Covid-19 were not implemented as expected.


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