Somalia’s HirShabelle warns the public against dealing with Al-Shabaab


JOWHAR [SMN] – HirShabelle state has warned the public against making contact with Al-Shabaab while the Somali government is at war with the Al Qaeda-linked group.


A press release from the HirShabelle State Ministry of Security said that legal action will be taken against anyone who deals with Al-Shabaab without elaborating on the measures.

HirShabelle is one of the areas where heavy fighting was going on against Al-Shabaab, with the army taking over important areas and districts.

The Somali government has already issued such a warning, as it has begun to freeze Al-Shabaab’s financial resources, including bank accounts, and suspend business taxes.

Al-Shabaab carried out complex attacks in HirShabelle, and the latest one happened in Hawadley, killing soldiers and the commander of the 3rd battalion of SNA, Col Abshir Shataqey.

Somalia has been fighting Al-Shabaab since 2008 and now president Hassan Sheikh said “enough is enough, we will end the group’s insurgency in 2023”.

Al-Shabaab merged with Al-Qaeda in 2012 and became a deadly group that is responsibile for attacks in Somalia, Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia.


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