Somaliland police arrest an Oromia for killing a man at a hotel


HARGEISA [SMN] – A man from the Oromo tribe is in jail after he killed a 22-year-old boy last night with a punch.


In a report published on Facebook, Somaliland Police said that they managed to arrest the accused, who is being held responsible for the murder of the young man.

“The Police have arrested the accused Ifsa Ahmed Sharif who is accused of killing Amin Said Sidiq, 22 years old. The incident happened in front of Guled Hotel in Hargeisa city”.

The army said that the man who committed the murder escaped from the place where he committed the murder, and was later arrested in an operation carried out by the police.

Finally, the police gave a warning to anyone who tries to commit an act of insecurity, on the other hand, they thanked the public for their cooperation.


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