Somaliland troops bomb Las Anod city after days of precarious calm


LAS ANOD (SMN) – The Somaliland military again bombed Las Anod, after losing the key city to local tribal militia last month after 15 years of full control.


The SSC fighters responded with artillery before engaging in a brief gunfire with the breakaway regional forces outside the town on Saturday, according to the residents.

It’s still unclear the exact figures of the casualties as result of the shelling and the subsequent battle which came days after precarious calm and mediation efforts.

The Federal Government of Ethiopia has been making attempts to mediate the warring sides in Las Anod with Addis Ababa dispatching a team to Hargeisa and Garowe last week.

Since it shares land border, Ethiopia is worried about the conflict in Las Anod which can harm its security as the country is facing internal civil war raging among communities.

Reports from Somaliland indicate that regional leader Muse Bihi Abdi was summoned in Addis Ababa for talks with Abiy’s Govt officials on the pull out of his troops from frontlines.


No date has been set for Bihi’s trip to Ethiopia.

The battle for Las Anod control which began in Feb 6 left over 200 people dead and nearly 1,000 were wounded, including women and children, according to medics in the city.



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