Three killed in suicide bombing in central Somalia


BELDWEYNE [SMN] – A suicide bombing occurred today in the Halgan area of the Hiran region, resulting in the death and injuries of officials and citizens.


Eyewitnesses told Shabelle radio by phone that a car filled with explosives went off in Halgan during the morning rush-hour, targeting senior regional officials and military officers.

The CID Commander of Beledweyne Police Station, Jamal Ahmed Jama, and two others are confirmed to be among the fatalities.

Al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility, saying it struck a military base with a car bomb.

There are also civilians who suffered wounds in the attack, as well as commercial buildings were destroyed in the explosion, which was the biggest to happen in the town this year.

Al-Shabaab seems stepped up attacks in central regions, where the army is conducting operations to retake the areas still remained under the control of the militants.

The Somali army backed by local residents captured dozens of key villages from Al-Shabaab in the latest operations that mostly happened in Galgadud, Hiran, and Middle Shabelle region.


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