Twin blasts hit key towns in central Somalia – UPDATED


JALALAQSI [SMN] – Reports from the Jalalaqsi and Bulo-Burde districts in the Hiran region say that there were two suicide bombings targeting army bases and civilians.


The two explosions were used in cars filled with explosives and they happened in few minutes apart, according to the reports one struck Djibouti forces under the ATMIS mission.

It has been confirmed that 2 people were killed and 5 others were injured in these successive explosions, and there is no information from the security agencies regarding the official losses caused by these suicide bombings.

On the other hand, the blasts caused various damages.

The communication in the Buulaburte district is down, but it was indicated that the explosion was very strong and was heard in areas far away.

The two towns were hit by similar suicide bombings last year, and among those who died, may God have mercy on Jalalaqsi district governor Mohamed Nur Agajoof Dabashe.


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