UN envoy’s remarks after Galmudug state leader meeting


Good afternoon.


I would like to begin by thanking President Ahmed Abdi Kariye and his team for the warm welcome extended to us today.

We had the opportunity to discuss Somalia’s successful completion of the electoral processes – including the House of the People and Presidential elections – and the important tasks that now lie ahead for the Federal Government and Federal Member States, including state-building, reconciliation and peacebuilding processes, improving security and, of course, preventing famine.

Looking ahead, the President has assured of his commitment to work with the new federal administration and ensure that key national priorities are achieved.

The President briefed us on the security situation in Galmudug, in particular recent Al-Shabaab attacks in Mudug. We very much acknowledge the courage and sacrifices of the security forces who have been involved in defending against Al-Shabaab. We also note President Kariye’s commitment to resolving other localized conflicts in the state.

Galmudug has not been spared the impact of the drought gripping Somalia. President Kariye and I discussed the severity of the drought and the devastating impact it has had on so many areas here.

As in other affected areas in Somalia, the United Nations is coordinating efforts with local humanitarian partners to provide the needed support to address issues related to drinking water, food shortages and health needs. We have assured President Kariye of our continued assistance and active advocacy for more international support to help alleviate the situation and prevent famine here and elsewhere in Somalia.

Asides from the issue of the drought response, we also assured President Kariye of our sustained engagement along with that of other international partners with Galmudug, and that we count on him to play a constructive role in helping forge a strong collaboration between the Federal Government of Somalia and Federal Member States.

Once again, Mr. President, our sincere thanks for the fruitful discussions with you and your team today. The United Nations and the international community look forward to continuing our good relationship and cooperation with you and the people of Galmudug.

Thank you.


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