UNHCR alarmed by killing of 2 Somali refugees in EC


JOHANNESBURG – The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said it’s concerned by the gruesome killing of two Somali nationals in Klein Bulhoek near Grahamstown this week.


The bodies were discovered by a resident inside a tuckshop container.

Eastern Cape police have since opened a case of murder and arson.

It is alleged that two deceased Somali nationals were tied together inside their shop and then doused with petrol on Tuesday.

Their shop was then set alight.

Laura Padoan is the spokesperson for the UNHCR in South Africa.

“The confirmed immigration status of the Somali men was that they were refugees. So, they are of concern to UNHCR. We are alarmed that refugees and asylum seekers have been targeted, especially in recent months, through violent attacks caused by anti-foreigner sentiments.”

She says they will be following the police’s investigations closely calling for swift arrests to be made.

Source: EW


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