President Farmajo addresses the nation


MOGADISHU [SMN] – The President of Somalia, HE Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, in a keynote address on the overall situation in the country and the elections, urged the Heads of State and Government to implement their agreed electoral timetable.

Speaking on the significant achievements made in rebuilding the Armed Forces, the President praised the sacrifices they have made in defending the country and their fight against terrorist groups that have a history of bloodshed and destruction of property. the Somali people.

“Our efforts and successful plans to rebuild the Armed Forces have led to our heroic forces being able to take over the security of the country today, and we are finalizing the plan to take over the security of the country from AMISOM.”

The President spoke about the country’s foreign policy process, which is based on cooperation and respect for the international community, the protection of our country’s honor and sovereignty, which has led to our prominence in the international arena.

“Our independence-oriented foreign policy has led to our prominence in international forums, such as membership in the UN Human Rights Council, which we won for the second time, as Vice President of the General Assembly. We are now a candidate for the Security Council of the African Union and the United Nations. “

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo urged the Somali people for unity and solidarity as the key to our existence and national strength and noted the role of Somali youth in the unity, governance, and defense of the country.


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