Somali ambassador to Uganda meets with the country’s foreign minister


KAMPALA [SMN] – Somalia’s Ambassador to Uganda Ali Mohamed Mohamud (Ali Agabaruur) met with Uganda’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, General Haji Abubaker Jeje Odongo, to discuss ways to strengthen bilateral relations.

The Ambassador and the Minister of Foreign Affairs discussed in-depth issues related to trade between the two countries, migration, training for diplomats and the situation of Somalis in Uganda and general security in the Horn of Africa region, and the establishment of a joint standing committee working on bilateral relations.

Mr. Ali Agabaruur talked with the Minister about the need to address the issue of Somali immigration to Uganda and how to facilitate the first phase of immigration between the two countries.

He also briefed on the situation of Somalis in Uganda, a large community in Uganda who are being provided with basic necessities, including employment, students, and so on.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uganda, welcomed the discussions, noting that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uganda will soon issue a statement on the two leaders’ discussions.

Minister Jeje promised to send trainers to the Somali Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Diplomatic Training Institute soon.

Somalia’s ambassador has been holding talks with Ugandan officials in recent days, with the aim of strengthening ties between the two countries.

By Omar Nor


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