Somali forces battle Al-Shabaab in Bay region


An attack by Al-Shabaab was reported in parts of Burhakaba district in the Bay region in the last few hours.

The fighting erupted after Al-Shabaab fighters attacked a South West military base in the area, followed by direct fighting with the Somali National Army in the town.

Local sources told Radio Shabelle that the fighting resulted in casualties on both sides, but it is not clear how many.

Meanwhile, South West military officials who spoke to Shabelle Media Network said that they repulsed the attack and inflicted heavy casualties on Al-Shabaab fighters.

After the fighting, the government and South Western forces also launched a major operation near Burhakaba district in the Bay region.

The situation remains tense, and conflicting movements are being felt in many parts of the Bay region of southern Somalia.

Al-Shabaab fighters carry out attacks on government and AMISOM bases in the Bay and Bakol regions.


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