Somali region president says TPLF administration was more like Unitary


Mustafa Mohammed, president of Somali region, appeared on “Key Mesmemer” show of Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation which was aired from Jijiga, capital of the regional state.

The region’s response to the ongoing campaign to reverse Ethiopia’s existential threat and hovering natural disaster in the region were among the issues that Mustafa addressed in the interview.

So far the region has contributed about 90 million Ethiopian birr to support the campaign. Mr. Musfata also mentioned that the region is preparing to make more support despite financial constraints due to emerging drought related challenges in the region.

He also discussed at length the allegation by the TPLF forces that the ruling party in the country is moving along unitary paths.

For Mustafa, TPLF era administration looked more like a unitary administration given the level of TPLF forces intervention in the region and the extent of organised economic exploitation by TPLF figures.

Musstafa makes a claim that no Ethiopian region was brutalised by the TPLF as much as the Somali region.

Source: Borkena


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