Somalia’s Justice minister pays a visit to Cairo


CAIRO [SMN] – The ambassador of the federal republic of Somalia for Egypt and permanent representative to the league of Arab states, Ambassador Ilyas Sheikh Omar, extended a warm and gracious welcome to the minister of justice for the federal government of Somalia, Mr Abdikadir Mohamed Nur, who is currently on a working visit to Egypt.

The minister thanked the ambassador and all the diplomats for the warm welcome and said that he was very pleased with the visit and especially praised ambassador Elias for his hard work and restoration of the embassy which has changed a lot and commended him for the good work of the nation.

Shortly afterwards, the minister held a private meeting with the diplomats at the embassy and briefed them on the general situation in the country and urged them to continue to work hard for the good of the country.

Finally, Ambassador Ilyas Sheikh Omar handed over the offices of the embassy to the Somali Diaspora in Egypt, to the Minister then met with some of the Somali nationals who were working for him at the time and praised the staff of the embassy for their efficient service to the community and the significant changes that Ambassador Elias has made to the embassy.


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