1st batch of Turkey-trained female Somali commandos arrive in Mogadishu


A Turkish military aircraft carrying the first batch of Somali female police commandos, who underwent special training in Turkey, landed at the Adan Adde International Airport in the capital Mogadishu on Wednesday.

Senior government officials, the Somali deputy police chief, and Turkish officials welcomed them upon arrival.

“You have received one of the best trainings in the world thanks to our Turkish brothers, and it is time now to serve your country and its people with honor and dignity,” said Osman Abdullahi Mohamed, first deputy police chief of Somalia.

The female officers will join a special forces unit locally known as Harmacad (Cheetah).

Separately, officials received over 100 Gorgor (Eagle) commandos, who also completed their training in Turkey.

The Gorgor and Harmacad elite units are fighting against al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist group al-Shabaab.

Turkish officials who spoke at the ceremony said Turkey will continue its support to Somali government and its people.



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