Al-Shabaab militants sentenced to death


The military court in Somalia’s Puntland has sentenced eight Al-Shabaab members to death.

The Court Martial and Serious Crimes in Mudug and Cayn regions, based in Galkayo, sentenced the members to life in prison and some to death for plotting to assassinate al-Shabaab members and confessing to their crimes.

The names of the convicted members are; Faisal Ahmed Bashir Gujis, Sahal Abdullahi Jama, Idris Mohamed Afyare, Salman Mohamud Saleban (Al-Farisi), Jama Muridi Hussein Mohamed, Mohamed Abdi Rage Indhabuur, Abdirizak Ahmed Burale and Mohamed Omar Mudey.

However, Al-Shabaab and the Islamic State stronghold in the mountains of the state, particularly in the East, and they planned to carry out attacks in different areas of the region.


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