Farmajo’s Statement on Elections directions


President of the Federal Republic of Somalia HE Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmaajo;

  • Having seen the Presidential Decree Naming the Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia, H.E Mohamed Hussein Roble, to lead the formation of a capable Government to take the country through credible, timely, peaceful elections;
  • Having seen the 17 September 2020 elections agreement reached between the Federal Government, Federal Member States and the Banadir Regional Administration which was further approved by both Houses of Parliament, and assented to by the President as Law No. 30,
  • Having viewed the procedures and regulations for organising the elections as established by the both Federal, and State level Committees and the Dispute Resolution Committees issued on 1st October 2020;
  • After referring to the handing over of all elections related responsibilities to the Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, Hon. Mohamed Hussein Roble during a Presidential address to the House of the People on 1st May 2021;
  • Having seen the incompletion of country’s elections despite the lapse of 14 months since the signing of 17 September 2020 elections Agreement;
  • Having noted the delay and slow pace of the Prime Minister in conducting the elections as tasked by the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia during the President’s address to the House of the People on 1st May 2021.
  • Having seen the clear deviation of the Prime Minister from the electoral regulations and process, and violation of the mandate, and independence of the electoral commissions;
  • Having seen that the Prime Minister is posing a serious threat to the electoral process and overstepping his mandate;

H.E Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmaajo, President of the Federal Republic of Somalia directs as follows;

THAT Prime Minister has failed to undertake his mandate to lead the country through elections as per 17 September 2020 Agreement and subsequent procedures issued 1st October 2020;

THEREFORE Convenes a consultative meeting involving the leadership at Federal, State and Benadir levels geared towards charting a direction for the elections and agreeing on a capable leadership to spearhead timely, and transparent elections in the country.

AND extends an invitation to Somali stakeholders including intellectuals, politicians, and civil society for their inputs and views on electoral concerns to contribute towards coordination of elections in a peaceful and equitable environment.


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