Minister of Public Works receives a delegation from the World Bank


MOGADISHU [SMN] – The Minister of Public Works of Somalia Mohamed Aden Maalim received in his office a delegation from the World Bank visited Mogadishu.

The world bank officials inspected the Ministry of Public Works, as the first phase of the Surp Project was completed.

The visit came as it was just started his second phase in all state governments as part of the country’s reconstruction projects.

The meeting was attended by Director General Ahmed Mohamed Iman, Director of Administration and Finance Eng. Mohamed Yarisow, Project Director Abdullahi Farimoos, and other project managers.

The World Bank delegation commended the Ministry of Public Works for the efficient manner in which the Ministry is leading the project.

Minister of Public Works Mohamed Aden Maalim (Somali) thanked the World Bank for its support in rebuilding the country.

Finally, the two sides agreed to expedite the Surp II project to be completed on time.


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