Somali army conducts operation against Al-Shabaab in Jubaland


MOGADISHU [SMN] – The Somali National Army (SNA) in the Gedo region in southern Somalia has launched an operation in Jubaland state targeting Al-Shabaab.

The SNA operation was planned and carried out in the vicinity of Garbaharey, the capital of the Gedo region, where Al-Shabaab has been staging attacks against military bases.

The commander of the 10th brigade of the 43rd Division of the Somali National Army, Colonel Warfa Sheikh Aden, as well as the commander of the brigade, Colonel Osman Sheikh Abdi Qorax led the anti-al-Shabaab operation.

The purpose of the operation was to ensure security in Garbaharey, according to government officials who conducted the search.

Garbaharey, the capital of the Gedo region, is one of the towns scheduled to hold elections in the country, especially the Somali Parliament.


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