Somali leaders agree on a new election timetable


The Somali Electoral Consultative Council, has issued the Somali Electoral Calendar and decisions reached at the Electoral Conference

Election Schedule

Training and Election of the Chairman of the Electoral Commissions (30 June – 05 July 2021)
Upper House Election (25 July 2021)
Preparing for Polling Stations (23 July 2021)
Selection and Preparation of Electoral Delegates (15 July – 10- August 2021)
JFS Parliamentary Election (10 August – 10 September 2021)
The swearing in of the MPs and the election of the Speaker of both Houses of the JFS Parliament (20 September 2021)
JFS Presidential Election (10 October 2021)
Other decisions made by the Council:

  • The council, considering a request from Somali women, has reduced the fee for Somali women candidates for parliament by 50%.

His Excellency Mohamed Hussein Roble, Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, in accordance with the agreement of 27 May 2021, has appointed the Gedo Regional Reconciliation Commission, which does not include Jubbaland. The committee was instructed to expedite the reconciliation process in Gedo Region.


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