Somali PM speaks on the election and political crisis


MOGADISHU [SMN] – Somali PM Roble’s speech at Afisyoni focused on the elections, urging regional administrations to complete the Upper House seats as soon as possible.

He called on the people of Somalia to take part in the security and stability of the country and to avoid anything that could lead to suspicion and insecurity.

The prime minister said that there is no major dispute at the moment and instructed the Somali people to protect the stability of the country and not to allow Al-Shabaab to take advantage of the crisis.

“I urge the Somali people to maintain stability and not allow al-Shabaab to take advantage of it, and to stay away from anything that creates suspicion or disturbance,” Roble said.

In conclusion, the Prime Minister reiterated that the perpetrators of the Ikraan Tahlil murder will be in the hands of the people today or tomorrow and will be held accountable.

By Omar Nor


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