Al-Shabaab executes two men in Somalia


KAMSUMA [SMN] – Al-Shabaab has again carried out an execution of two people in public area in southern Somalia yesterday afternoon.

The shooting which took place in Kamsuma was attended by senior members of Al-Shabaab and various members of the public who watched the execution.

The two men were identified as Abdullahi Ooyow Mayane, 20, and Abdullahi Mohamed Farah, 24, were sentenced to death by an Al-Shabaab court.

Abdullahi Ooyow accused al-Shabaab of sexually abusing a 5-year-old boy, while Abdullahi Mohamed was accused of being a member of the Jubaland army.

Al-Shabaab conducts executions in areas under its control in southern and central Somalia.


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