Farmaajo appoints commission to probe disappearance of NIS member Ikran


Somalia President Mohamed Farmaajo has appointed a 5-Member Commission of inquiry to investigate the disappearance of Somalia’s National Intelligence and Security Agency (Nisa).

The 25-year-old Ikran Tahlil went missing in June, and her disappearance has aroused calls across the country demanding for her justice.

Farmaajo said on Monday that the commission of inquiry will be chaired by the Attorney-General and deputised by Head of Military Court.

They are expected to hand over the findings and evidence to responsible legal institutions for execution of Justice.

Local media claimed that Ikran was picked up from her house by a vehicle that was believed to be familiar to her.

In June, her mother Qali Mahmoud Guhaad asked the government of Somali to help the family to search her.


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