Galmudug details anti-al-shabaab operation in Mudug


Galmudug state information minister Ahmed Shire Falagle who spoke to the media gave details about the clashes that took place in the south of Mudug region.

Falagle said yesterday’s clashes inflicted heavy casualties on al-Shabaab and killed many fighters, but gave no details on the number.

The Galmudug information minister also pointed out that the offensive of the government forces and the Darawish forces in Mudug will continue.

“Operations by government and Galmudug state forces in South Mudug are advancing on the coastal town of Harardhere.” he said.

Al-Shabaab said it had killed at least 30 soldiers and wounded dozens more, according to its affiliated websites.

The situation in the conflict areas is still tense, and there are ongoing clashes between the two sides.


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