Jubaland troops foil a bomb attack in Kismayo


KISMAYO [SMN] – Jubaland forces carried out an operation in the past few hours inside the coastal city of Kismayo, the capital of the Lower Jubba region in southern Somalia.

The operation was planned and carried out to clear a landmine in the Farjanno neighborhood of the town.

A statement from the Jubaland security command thanked the people of Kismayo for informing the security forces of the IED planted on the road to cause havoc.

“The Jubaland Security and Intelligence Agency would like to thank the people of Kismayo for their trust in the security sector and for their contribution to security and the fight against terrorism,” the statement said.

Jubaland is at war with Al-Shabaab who once ruled Kismayo before being ejected by KDF in late 2012.


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