Madobe publishes senate four remaining candidate’s list


KISMAYO [SMN] – Jubbaland president Ahmed Madobe has published the list of the remaining candidates for the last four Senate seats from his region.

Two seats were reserved for women contesting for the Senate seats who will represent their clans in the southerly Somali state.

The State Indirect Elections Team (SIET) of Jubaland is set to release a timetable for the electoral process and indicate the voting date.

The candidates will be addressing the state Parliament of Jubaland to pitch for election. The State elections Committee did not indicate when voting will take place.

Each candidate is to pay a nonrefundable $20,000 registration fee before the vote starts.

The names of the Senate-hopefuls:

1: Layla Nuux Maax
Haredo Mohamed Sheikh

2: Tbrahim Awgaab Osman
Farhiya Maalim Abdi

3: Maryan Farah Kadiye
Samsam Mohamed Bishar

4: Hassan Dahir Yarow
Ali Mohamed Ali


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