Puntland claims victory over battle against ISIS and Al-Shabaab


Puntland Security Minister Abdisamad Gallan held a press conference at the presidential palace in Bossaso, detailing Puntland’s battles with al-Shabaab and ISIS in the mountains of the Bari region.

Gallan said Puntland forces had made significant gains in the fighting, taking control of large swathes of territory controlled by ISIS and al-Shabab.

The first battle took place from June 7 to 25 near Bossaso and took control of many areas including Sugul, El Gobaad, Dadaab, Majiyahan, El Dibir and Maraje.

He also said that from June 26 to July 13, ISIS fighters in the mountains of Calmiskaat in Bari region took control of many settlements and bases in the vicinity of Balidhidhin district.

He noted that ISIS had killed senior foreign officials, although he did not give their names, and said they had seized military supplies and ammunition hidden in deep holes, some up to 50-km deep.

The minister pointed out that Puntland security forces had detonated about 70 landmines planted by ISIS.

He said the casualties in the clashes in Puntland were two soldiers killed and dozens wounded.


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