Roadside blast kills 1 soldier in northeast Somalia


At least one soldier was killed and three others wounded on Saturday in a roadside blast targeting Puntland region’s security minister.

The state-owned television reported that the explosion targeted a convoy of Puntland State Security Minister, Abdisamad Galan near Bali Dhidin village in Bari region on the outskirts of Bosaso, northeast Somalia.

The minister survived the attack but some of the vehicles on his convoy were destroyed.

The wounded soldiers were rushed to the hospital while the convoy later proceeded with their journey.

There was no immediate comment from Puntland officials but al-Shabab, which has been fighting to topple the government, claimed responsibility for the latest attack.

The militant group said its two explosions hit the minister’s convoy, killing a soldier and wounding three others.

The latest incident comes after Puntland security forces have recently destroyed terrorists’ bases in the region.


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