Somali election commission reaffirm election transparency


Somalia’s national election implementation committee said it will “diligently look at the controversy” regarding ongoing parliamentary efforts.

“In line with our commitment to hold transparent, free and fair elections, we reaffirm to all political stakeholders and the Somali citizenry that the commission will diligently look at all grievances and concerns arising from the elected seats so far,” the federal election implementation team said in a statement.

The election commission said polls are going smoothly and more than 11MPs have been elected, including Acting National Intelligence and Security Agency chief Yasin Farey in an election Thursday in Dhusamareb.

Former Parliament Speaker Mohamed Osman Jawaari told reporters he has been prevented from running for his seat.

Opposition presidential candidates warned that the current election process would lead the country onto a dangerous path without offering any evidence.

“The election irregularities and looting is the level that this country has never seen before,” Dahir Mohamud Geleh, spokesman for the candidates, told reporters.

Analysts believe that holding indirect parliamentary elections is at least a “step forward.”

“I can see the politician’s concerns about the fairness of the elections but I think their violent threats are wrong and unbelievable given two of them were former head of state,” political analyst Mahamed Idiris told Anadolu Agency.


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