Somali PM urges all sides in Galmudug conflict to begin dialogue


MOGADISHU, Somalia – Mohamed Hussein Roble, the Prime Minister of Somalia has strongly condemned the ongoing violence in parts of Galmudug state in central Somalia.

In a statement issued on Friday by OPM, Roble extended his condolences to the victims of the Thursday clashes at Bahol near Dhusamareb and prayed to the wounded for a speedy recovery.

The skirmish left at least 10 dead and wounded 20 more others, according to authorities.

“In Galmudug, there is a state that has full legitimacy and is responsible for the security and administration, so any action that appears to disrupt Galmudug should be avoided,” he added.

The PM urged anyone with concerns to seek his or her bid through a peaceful solution, and stop the mobilization and attacks that threaten stability, law, and order in Galmudug.

The Somali Prime Minister called on the people of Galmudug to work together for the peace and stability of the Federal State which is facing threats from Al-Shabaab.

By Omar Nor


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