Somalia’s court to resume judicial services


The chairman of the country’s Supreme Court, Bashe Yusuf Ahmed, has issued a statement announcing the resumption of non-criminal proceedings in the country’s courts, which had previously been suspended due to the coronavirus.

On May 16th, the chief justice ordered the reopening of non-criminal cases, as well as the expiration of appeals while the cases were pending, allowing time for them to reopen their expired appeals.

“The Chief Justice of Somalia, considering the need to resume non-criminal proceedings during the suspension due to Covid-19, and for the community to receive the justice services it needs. He made these below decisions. “

  1. As of 16/05/2021 all non-criminal cases have been reopened during the suspension due to Covid-19.
  1. Judges and other members of the Judiciary are instructed to return to their full duties and to commute and adjudicate non-criminal proceedings from Sunday 16/05/2021.
  2. All expired appeals while the proceedings are adjourned shall be allowed time to reopen the expired appeals.

4. As to protect community safety and community justice, awareness of the spread of disease Covid-19, is in compliance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health, FGS, and takes the steps necessary to prevent the spread of disease.


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