Two Al-Shabaab members sentenced to life imprisonment


Abdullahi Abdirahman Ahmed Ismail and Mohamed Hussein Hassan Abukar, who are accused of being members of the Al-Shabaab were sentenced to life imprisonment on Tuesday by Somali military court.

In March this year, the two suspects were apprehended by the Somali National Army in Ba’adweyn, one of the areas that saw the battles between Al-Shabaab and SNA.

Abdullahi Abdirahman joined Al Shabaab from Hudur in 2016 and worked in El Adow and Galhareri in Galgadud and Lower Shabelle, respectively.

Mohamed Hassan Abukar, who joined Al-Shabaab from Bay in 2018, trained in Hiran, and was transferred to Aad Village in Mudug.

He was wounded in the latest fighting in Ba’adweyn and was handed over to the Somali National Army for investigation.

Defendants have the opportunity to appeal within 30 days of sentencing.


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