At least two killed in Beledweyne bomb explosion


BELEDWEYNE [SMN] – An Explosion rocked Beledweyne town of Hiran region on Saturday as the local authorities were working around the clock to ensure security.

The bomber struck shortly afternoon in a police station in the town which lies some 350Kms north of the capital, Mogadishu.

According to reports, the blast killed two people, the mayor of Feer-Feer, Khalif Mumin Garaad, and a woman who owned a restaurant.

Beledweyne Police Station Commander, Col. Mohamed Qorsheel, and the commissioner of Feerfer district administration Mahad Bayle sustained wounds in the IED attack.

Security forces arrived at the scene, conducting a brief operation at the scene.

Beledweyne is scheduled to host the upcoming parliamentary elections, and there have been acts of insecurity in recent days.


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