Drought in Somalia claims more lives


At least six people have died in the past week due to an ongoing devastating drought in Somalia’s southwestern Gedo region, officials and community activists said Monday.

Ibrahim Abdinur, a local administrator in the town of Luuq, one of the hardest-hit areas, confirmed the death toll.

“Yesterday, a mother of five died on the outskirts of Luuq due to the lack of water and food days after five children died in the countryside of the town,” he said.

He added that the drought has devastated the entire region and the situation is dire.

Over the last two months, more than 100,000 heads of livestock are estimated to have been lost in Jubaland alone, according to officials.

“The most affected were people…who live in al-Shabaab territory and relief cannot reach them. Once they got to the city they were ok, but it’s not easy for nomads to move more than 100 animals that are thirsty and starving,” said Nadeef Abdishakur Mohamed, a community activist.


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