Kenyan troops in Somalia welcome new commander


MOGADISHU [SMN] – Kenyan troops serving under the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) have a new commander, following a transfer of authority to Brigadier Jattani Gula on Thursday in Dhobley, the headquarters of the Kenyan troops.

Brig. Gula succeeds Brig. Jeff Nyagah has completed his tour of duty in Somalia, during which time he worked tirelessly with the Somalia National Army (SNA) in providing security and sustaining military pressure in the continued efforts to degrade Al Shabaab. The significant progress made during Brig. Jeff Nyagah’s tenure reflects the strategic benefits of the close collaboration between AMISOM forces and the SNA.

In his remarks, Brig. Gula congratulated his predecessor and the troops for their commitment, service to humanity, and achievements in advancing the AMISOM mandate.

He pledged an enduring commitment to working in collaborating with the SNA, especially during joint military operations against Al Shabaab militants in order to restore peace and stability in Dhobley and the surrounding towns.

“We are in high spirits and committed to achieving peace and stability in Somalia in line with the mandate of the mission,” said Brig. Gula.

Brig. Nyagah, the outgoing commander, thanked the troops for their steadfastness in implementing the AMISOM mandate and urged them to remain committed to ensure continued success.

He noted that AMISOM Kenyan troops had largely degraded Al-Shabaab in their area of responsibility and urged the soldiers to maintain the tempo in order to further degrade the enemy’s capabilities for peace to reign in the region and across the country.

Under Brig. Nyagah’s command, Kenyan troops initiated various Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) projects which were not only critical in addressing the basic needs of local communities but also in improving relations between AMISOM troops and the civilian population.


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