Salaam Somali Bank provides free microfinance [Kaaliye] to small businesses


Salaam Somali Bank has on Saturday provided free microfinance to traders running small businesses in Mogadishu, a move aimed at boosting the economy.

The program dubbed Qardul Hassan [Kaaliye] put a smile on the faces of nearly 100 merchants who benefited from the non-profit investment that will help them grow and expand their commerce.

A ceremony held at the Salaam Somali Bank HQ in Bakaaro attended by nearly 100 businessmen, both men, and women, were presented with investment funds.

The beneficiaries of Qardul Hassan (Kaaliye) thanked the management and staff of Salaam Somali Bank and said that they are very happy with the investment opportunity provided by the leading Somali bank.

For its part, Salaam Somali Bank management said they are committed to continuing this program and will soon disburse all the remaining branches of the bank across Somalia.

The main purpose of the bank to provide these funds is to promote the development of emerging entrepreneurs and encourage them to keep up doing business in the country on the path to recovery.


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