Somali traders killed in South Africa


At least four Somali nationals have been killed by gunmen in Cape Town, South Africa.

Three were killed in the village of Khalija under Cape Town while two others were killed in the village of Kraafotien under Cape Town and two others were injured.

Abdiqani Abukar Omar, a brother of one of the slain boys, told Radio Mogadishu that a group of robbers opened fire on their shop while on work and that his brother was killed and he escaped.

Abdiqani Abukar added that the gangs carried out a planned attack on businesses owned by Somali nationals and other foreigners.

The perpetrators were said to be angry with one of them and killed another gang member after a rift over extortion.

Through our various contacts in Cape Town, they have learned that many Somalis have been injured in planned attacks on foreign traders.


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